Some people are asking if they can install landscape lights in November and the rest of the winter season. If you live in an area with extremely cold weather like Fairfield County, an expert electrician may have difficulties in installing these lights. For example, when you live in Connecticut and New York states, the ground is commonly frozen during this winter season.

Winter season will prevent you from having landscaping lights installed that are planted in the ground around your backyard or your garden. However, you don’t have to worry because there are some landscape lights that can still be installed in the winter season. Here are some different styles of lights that are still possible to be installed on your property.

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Walkway LED Lights

It is still possible for you to install walkway LED lights around your property. If you have a raised patio seating area or raised deck, you can take advantage of these accessories. The winter is still an acceptable time for you to install LED lights along a path. You don’t have to worry about the frozen ground during the winter season. It is a good idea for you to check your deck areas before you decide to buy the LED lights for your needs.

Submersible Pool Lights

If you have a pool on your property, you can consider installing some of these submersible pool lights. You can improve the overall look and design of your landscape around your pond areas, garden fountains, and some other areas in your property by using these underwater landscape lights. These lights are made with a waterproof design, so they can illuminate the pool areas at night. It is recommended for you to remove all water inside your pool before the winter season is coming, so you can install these lights easily. Then, these lights will perform perfectly in the upcoming season.

Spot Lights

This is another popular option for many people around Connecticut and New York area. You can use some landscape spotlights for illuminating specific areas in your area. These spotlights are usually used to illuminate specific objects, for example, plantings, trees, and any other architectural details. These lights may come in many different shapes, so you can compare all available lights before deciding to choose the best one for yourself. You can mix and match several types of spotlights, so you can get the best effects that you are looking for.

Christmas Lights

During the winter season, you may have difficulties when installing some lights on the ground. Therefore, you can consider installing some Christmas lights on the exterior walls. It is very easy for you to install these lights in your property. You can also use these lights for adding sparkle to trees and bushes immediately. These decorative lights are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Those are some of the most popular landscaping lights that you can install on your property even during winter in CT and NY. If you want to avoid any problems during the installation process, you can always call the best electricians around you. Santella Electric knows how to install all landscape lights in the winter season quickly and safely.

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