Security systems have become extremely convenient due to modern-day technology. You can essentially place your security system anywhere as long as there is an outlet nearby and the wifi reaches your security system. This allows most security systems to be used both inside and outside your home, allowing for total security for whatever you may need it for. Although modern-day technology has made most security systems very convenient and reliable, unexpected events can occur, such as a storm or a power outage, that can affect your home’s wifi. If the wifi is disabled in your home, your security systems may also not be able to work. This page article will discuss what happens to your security system when the wifi goes out.

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Traditional Alarm Systems:

Wired Alarm Systems:

Most traditional alarm systems consist of wired alarm systems. These systems are made up of many cables and wires that all work together to make your alarm system function properly. These cables and wires take a lot of time to install, as they have to be installed seamlessly in order for the alarm system to work. If even one wire is misplaced or installed incorrectly, the entire system is affected.

Although wired systems take much longer for installation, some homes are already pre-wired for a specific system. If you are moving to a new home or business building it may be a smart idea to see what previous alarm system the owners used as the building could already have the wires in place. A home or building that is pre-wired for a specific alarm system would mean that system would be much quicker to install than any wireless system. It would be as simple as picking up the phone and having a tech representative from that company update the control panel.

Pros of Wired Alarm Systems:

  • As the system is completely made up of wires and cables, you won’t have to worry about batteries dying or needing to be replaced.
  • If your home or building is already pre-wired for a wired alarm system, the installation process is much quicker than any other system.

Cons of Wired Alarm Systems:

  • As the system is made up of only wires, one loose connection can interrupt the entire system.
  • Could be easy for potential burglars or anyone wanting to break in to cut a wire, therefore turning off the system.
  • Limited access for homeowners
  • Less technological advancements
  • If you dont get get them regularly checked your wiring can become outdated

Local Alarm Systems:

A local alarm system is one of the most basic types of alarm systems you can get. These alarm systems are monitored. They come with sensors that you place at your doors and windows. These sensors are individual, meaning they are not connected to a control panel. Local alarm systems also may include motion detection sensors.

When these sensors are triggered, the alarm will go off. The alarm goes off from the individual sensor on which the alarm was triggered. These alarm systems are more commonly seen in businesses.

Pros of Local Alarm Systems:

  • Very cost-effective.
  • Very easy to install.
  • They usually come with batteries.

Cons of Local Alarm Systems:

  • Fairly easy to disable, don’t quite provide the best security.These systems may be a better temporary option.
  • Although they come with batteries, it is your responsibility to replace them and make sure the system is still up and running.

These alarm systems typically include sensors placed at doors and windows that when triggered create a sound, or notify the owner by text or SMS if the alarm has been triggered. If your wifi were to go out, possible features such as text messaging to alert you may not work. Local alarms that alert from the sensor itself should be unaffected though even if the wifi were to stop working.

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Smart Security Systems:

Wireless Alarm Systems:

These types of security systems consist of wireless alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems are a modern day favorite choice of alarm system. These systems are essentially completely wireless, meaning you are able to put them anywhere that a wifi connection is able to reach. These systems also can come with many compliments, meaning your outside security system will be connected with any security cameras or sensors you may have inside your home or business.

These security systems are usually a top choice for home and business owners due to their attractive features. As these systems have no wires or cables, you don’t have to drill many holes or alter the walls or locations much that these systems will be going in. They also tend to be fairly small, so they don’t affect the aesthetic of your home or business. Wireless systems are also a great option for homeowners with children or pets, and renters, as you can access the information on these security systems from anywhere.

Pros of Wireless Security Systems:

  • Easy to move and reinstall if you are moving houses or business locations.
  • No wires or cables, so less damage or alterations to your walls or wherever these systems will be installed.
  • Usually small in size so they don’t affect the aesthetic of your home or business.

Cons of Wireless Security systems:

  • Typically the most expensive type of security system.
  • Runs on batteries so you are responsible for keeping up with changing them.
  • Some have a single wire that plugs into an outlet, so you can only put the system in a location with a nearby outlet.
  • Connects to the internet or wifi, so if the power goes out or your wifi is down most systems are not effective.

While these systems are the most popular in today’s world because wifi is so accessible, every once and a while your internet or wifi systems may experience some technical difficulties. This makes most wireless security systems ineffective until wifi is established again. One exception is the Ring security system. This wireless security system is typically placed on the homeowner’s front door and alerts the user when there is movement around the front yard and front door area. The Ring system has a unique feature that allows you to connect to your neighbor’s wifi system if yours may be down. This makes the Ring effective even if your own wifi may be having some troubles.

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It is important to consider all the factors that come along with each security system. Speaking to a professional to discuss your personal security needs may be a smart idea before purchasing an alarm system for your home or business. Professionals will also be able to evaluate the space you are putting this security system in to see what system was there before and the process involved with updating that current system.