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Welcome to Santella Electric, your trusted electrician in New Canaan, CT. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our team of experienced electricians is here to provide you with top-quality electrical services. From electrical installations and repairs to lighting upgrades and more, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your property safe, comfortable, and functional. With our focus on customer satisfaction and our commitment to excellence, you can trust us to get the job done right.


  • Trusted electrician in New Canaan, CT
  • Experienced team of electricians
  • Top-quality electrical services for homes and businesses
  • Installations, repairs, lighting upgrades, and more
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and excellence

Recent Jobs Completed in New Canaan

Date : 8/09/23


Client address: Huckleberry Hill Road,
New Canaan, CT

  • Addressed non-functional fountain outlet
  • Inspected three lights in front fountain
  • Resolved cut and sparking wire on tree
  • Ensured all issues were safely handled


At Santella Electric, we were called to a residence in New Canaan, CT, to address multiple outdoor electrical issues. Initially, our technician inspected a non-operational fountain outlet and determined that the wire had no power. The old outlet was safely removed. Next, we turned our attention to three lights in the front fountain that needed checking. Lastly, we found a wire on a tree that was cut and sparking. Our team promptly removed the wire from its box, capped it, and made sure it was safely off. This multi-faceted project is a testament to Santella Electric’s commitment to ensuring a safe and functional environment for our clients.

Date : 8/28/23


Client address: Norholt Dr,
New Canaan, CT

  • Dispatch & Service Fee
  • Replaced Bathroom fixture
  • Installed Basement keyless
  • Replaced pull string fixtures in the basement


At Santella Electric, we recently completed an all-encompassing residential electrical project in New Canaan, CT. The focus of this project was multifaceted, aimed at enhancing both the functionality and safety of the client’s home. Our adept team began by replacing an outdated bathroom fixture with a more modern and efficient model, adding both aesthetic and functional value to the space. The electrical advancements continued in the basement, where we installed a keyless fixture for added convenience. We also replaced three pull-string fixtures in the basement with up-to-date models, providing a safer and more reliable lighting solution. The entire project, valued at $436.00, encapsulates Santella Electric’s unwavering commitment to delivering services that elevate both safety and quality of life for our clients.

Date : 6/26/23


Client address: Rilling Ridge,
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Install chandelier in foyer hallway
  • Troubleshoot open neutrals
  • Rewire living room switches
  • Rewire guest bedroom outlets
  • Replace bathroom gfci outlet


At Santella Electric, we performed a series of electrical tasks to enhance the safety and aesthetics of our client’s home. Our professional technicians were dispatched to the site where they expertly installed a chandelier in the foyer hallway, infusing the space with elegance and improved lighting. The team also addressed electrical safety concerns by troubleshooting open neutrals, leading to the successful rewiring of switches in the living room and outlets in the guest bedroom. The project was rounded off with the replacement of a bathroom GFCI outlet, ensuring enhanced safety in this moisture-prone area. At Santella Electric, our work exemplifies our commitment to safety, quality, and our clients’ satisfaction.

Date : 6/21/23


Client address: Cheese Spring Rd,
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Surface Mount Fixtures (Customer Supplied)


At Santella Electric, we pride ourselves on accommodating the unique needs of our clients. In this project, we were dispatched to install surface mount fixtures supplied by the customer. Our skilled technicians handled the installation with precision, ensuring the fixtures were properly and safely integrated into the home’s existing electrical system. This initiative demonstrates our flexibility and our commitment to delivering tailor-made electrical solutions for our clients.

Date : 6/21/23


Client address: Oenoke Ln,
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Troubleshoot electrical problems in house and front pillars


At Santella Electric, we effectively resolved electrical issues in a client’s home and front pillars. Our professional team promptly dispatched to the site and carried out a comprehensive troubleshooting process. This project showcased our commitment to swiftly diagnose and rectify electrical problems, reinforcing our dedication to ensuring safe and reliable electrical systems for our clients.

Date : 6/21/23


Client address: Cheese Spring Rd,
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Surface Mount Fixtures (Customer Supplied)


At Santella Electric, we pride ourselves on accommodating the unique needs of our clients. In this project, we were dispatched to install surface mount fixtures supplied by the customer. Our skilled technicians handled the installation with precision, ensuring the fixtures were properly and safely integrated into the home’s existing electrical system. This initiative demonstrates our flexibility and our commitment to delivering tailor-made electrical solutions for our clients.

Date : 6/16/23


Client address: Skyview Ln,
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Replace outdoor lights
  • Replace (2) pillar fixtures
  • Replace (2) front door sconces
  • Replace (1) sconce mudroom entrance door
  • Replace 2 caps for removed landscape lights


At Santella Electric, we completed a comprehensive exterior lighting upgrade for our client. Our team was dispatched promptly to replace multiple outdoor fixtures, contributing to the property’s safety and aesthetic appeal. We seamlessly replaced two pillar fixtures and two front door sconces, creating a warm and welcoming entrance for the home. Additionally, our team expertly installed a new sconce at the mudroom entrance door, enhancing the visibility and comfort of this utilitarian space. We further ensured the property’s neat appearance by replacing caps for two removed landscape lights. This project stands as another example of Santella Electric’s commitment to deliver high-quality, reliable electrical solutions that improve our clients’ homes and exceed their expectations.

Date : 4/19/2023


Client address: Sunrise Ave,
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Replace Front door fixture
  • Replace 2nd floor hall
  • Replace Outdoor garage
  • Replace GFI outlet in kitchen


Our team at Santella Electric charged a dispatch and service fee to visit a client’s location and replace a GFI outlet in the kitchen. We also replaced three light fixtures in the client’s home, including one at the front door, one in the 2nd floor hall, and one in the outdoor garage. Our team made sure that the installation was completed safely and efficiently, providing the client with reliable electrical service. We take pride in delivering high-quality electrical services and ensuring our clients’ satisfaction with our work

Date : 5/15/23


Client address: Juniper Rd,
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Labor & material
  • Run circuit from the panel to kitchen sink for garbage disposal


At Santella Electric, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients. In this project, we efficiently ran a dedicated circuit from the electrical panel to the kitchen sink area to accommodate a garbage disposal unit. Our skilled team carefully handled the wiring, ensuring that it was installed to meet the highest safety standards and comply with all relevant codes. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to delivering reliable and long-lasting solutions for our customers’ electrical needs.

Date : 5/16/23


Client address: White Oak Shade Rd,
New Canaan, CT 06840

  • Dispatch & Service
  • Remove the existing electrical panel
  • Replace with new outdoor panel and GFI breakers
  • Install new service outlet by pool panel
  • Replace stack switch in basement by garage entrance


At Santella Electric, we provide comprehensive electrical services tailored to our clients’ needs. In this project, our skilled technicians were dispatched to remove the existing electrical panel and replace it with a new outdoor panel, including GFI breakers, ensuring enhanced safety. We also installed a new service outlet near the pool panel. Additionally, our team seamlessly replaced the stack switch in the basement by the garage entrance. With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry standards, we guarantee reliable functionality and ease of use. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and top-quality workmanship is evident in every task we undertake. Your satisfaction is our priority at Santella Electric, where we strive to exceed your expectations with our comprehensive electrical solutions.

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Aimee ShieldsAimee Shields
15:54 21 Nov 22
We had a fantastic experience with Santella. Tony came to our house and was incredibly knowledgable, professional, and friendly. He not only knew exactly what to do, he also consulted me for decisions about how to position all my new fixtures and outlets. As a person who really cares about the details and aesthetic, I appreciated that more than I can say. A few of our projects were tricky due to our house layout, especially adding outdoor outlets, but Tony worked hard to make it all work and look good. I'm very pleased with our updated lighting/power and will definitely ask for him again next time we call Santella!
Brian StapletonBrian Stapleton
00:24 19 Nov 22
Tony at Santella Electric is the best. Professional, responsive, courteous and intelligent. I trust his work and highly recommend him.
Jan HilgemanJan Hilgeman
13:00 19 Oct 22
This we our first time using Santella Electric at our new home. The office personnel were responsive and friendly, and we loved the electrician who came to troubleshoot and do the repairs we need. Courteous, friendly, respectful and resolved the problem easily. He took the time to explain the problem so I could understand it.
Karin SchrammKarin Schramm
14:31 07 Oct 22
Johan was on time, professional & explained all the work he did. Thank goodness, he had the circuit breaker’s we needed + the updated GCFI outlet for the kitchen. Now, my Mom can use her stove, oven, washer & dryer, again. SO grateful.

Here are some common services we offer our residential customers:

Home Theatre Set Up

Our electrical contractors are up to date on the latest home theater equipment. We are able to advise you on the best TVs, sound systems and more! The Santella Electric technicians have recent experience working with all major electronics like: Bose, Samsung, Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Sonos, LG, and just about every other big name you can think of. We will walk you through using your new system until you have a full understanding of all your products.

Outdoor Lights
safety inspection (1)

Safety Inspections

Homeowners have an obligation to ensure that their property is safe in all facets, electrical safety is one of the hardest to control for someone untrained. The best way to guarantee safety is to hire Santella Electric and our licensed experts to perform routine electrical inspections. During these inspections, our techs will be able to find & repair any problems they find. Now you can relax knowing that your family has a reliable source of electricity. 

Standby Generator Installation

Never find yourself and your family in the dark again! Our Fairfield and Westchester County electricians can inspect your property and assist you in selecting the most appropriately sized standby generator for you. The Santella Electric professionals will install your new generator wherever you desire, and will always be there to provide your generator maintenance and repair needs.

generator installation
kitchen appliances

Appliance Installation

Before you try to install that shiny new appliance yourself, consider that it is highly recommended you hire a professionally licensed electrician for assistance. There are many different variables that go into properly installing an appliance and going to YouTube is not the answer. Our Connecticut electricians have the knowledge and experience necessary to safely install all of your family’s appliances.

Automatic Sprinkler System Electric Work

Though an automated sprinkler system isn’t a necessity for the average homeowner, it certainly makes life a whole lot easier, and will save time and money in the long term. Here at Santella Electric, we pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If an automated sprinkler system sounds right for you, we will supply only the most quality parts and deliver a finished product that is sure to impress.

generator installation

Below are a few businesses in particular that should consider partnering with a company like ours.


Restaurants and bars are relied on by the public for a number of reasons. Keep the lights on and your refrigerators cold with a generator installation from Santella Electric. Losing power even for a couple hours could cost a restaurant $1,000’s is lost product. Prepare for disaster today and keep your restaurant running tomorrow.

restaurant at night

Medical Facilities

Private practicespharmacies, and hospitals all need to have a reliable source of power at all times. Call the experts at Santella Electric and set your business up with our Safety Club. Joining this club gives you discounts on future projects, expedites your service, and can save a life.

Data Centers/Businesses with Critical Data

If your business is based heavily around quick access to information that is online, you can’t afford a second of downtime. Protect your client’s info and your business’s reputation when you have Santella Electric install standby generators for your business.

data center
fire alarm installation

Fire Alarm Installation

Our electricians have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the highest quality fire alarm system design and installations. When you come to Santella Electric, you can be confident that you are making the best investment for your business. More importantly, you can rest assured knowing that you took the greatest step toward promoting the safety of every person who will interact with your business.

Controlled Wiring System

In order for your production or manufacturing operation to be efficient, you must have well designed control panels and wiring installed. Automation, monitoring, and quality assurance are a must have. We do everything from machine controls to programmable logic controllers. At Santella Electric our technicians are here to help your business have the best wiring systems available in the market today.

wiring systems

Find the New Canaan, CT Building Department  Below

How to Pull an Electrical Permit in Redding, CT

The town of Redding, Connecticut offers a convenient way for all users who want to apply for this permit easily. You can get this permit by visiting the Permit Center Division.

How to Pull an Electrical Permit in Milford, CT

There are several steps that you have to take when applying to get an electrical permit approved by the Building Department in the City of Milford, CT. Learn more at Santella Electric.

How to Pull an Electrical Permit in Weston, CT

If you want to apply for an electrical permit in Weston CT, you will need to visit the town building department at 24 School Rd, Weston, CT 06883.

How to Pull an Electrical Permit in Easton, CT

Having an electrical permit is very important for those who want to renovate any commercial or residential construction projects in Easton, Connecticut. You can visit the Building Department in Easton, CT.

How to Pull an Electrical Permit in Bridgeport CT

If you live in Bridgeport, CT, you will need to visit the Building Department located on Lyon Terrace to pull all electrical permits.

How to Pull an Electrical Permit in Stamford CT

If you want to pull an electrical permit application, you need to visit the Stamford Government Center at 888 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT.

How to Pull an Electrical Permit in Fairfield CT

In order to get an electrical permit, visit the Fairfield building department that is located at Sullivan Independence Hall. Read more here!

How to Pull an Electrical Permit in New Canaan, CT

Do you have a new construction project in the town of New Canaan that needs an electrical permit pulled? You came to the right place!

About the town of New Canaan

New Canaan is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 19,000+ according to the 2010 census.
About an hour’s train ride from Manhattan, the town is considered part of Connecticut’s Gold Coast. The town is bounded on the south by Darien, on west by Stamford, on the east by Wilton, on the southeast by Norwalk, and on the north by Lewisboro & Pound Ridge in Westchester County, New York.

New Canaan is known for its wide range of architecture and vast public parks such as Waveny Park, & a signature town center with classic boutiques. Residents carol on God’s Acre every Christmas Eve, a town tradition since 1916. It is also known for its public school system, which in 2018 was ranked as the top public school system in Connecticut, & in 2008 the third-best in the country.

Within this town is a beautiful downtown area speckled with places to shop around or get a bite to eat. To highlight their acclaimed downtown they have an annual holiday stroll where shops & boutiques stay open later in the evening and offer visitors & residents alike an experience unlike any other. As part of Connecticut’s Gold Coast, New Canaan is known for its wide range of architecture to historic New England colonials & farms.

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Location: New Canaan, CT

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