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7 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Not Have A Generator

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  1. Increased Equity
    Instantly improve the value of your home by approximately 100% of your investment.
  2. Preserve Food
    Your freezer full of food is protected plus you can prepare meals too.
  3. Stay Connected
    Communicate with loved ones because your computers and phones can still be working.
  4. Maintain Comfort
    No reason to freeze or sweat because your heat and A/C will still be operating.
  5. Avoid Flooding 
    Keep sump pumps running and avoid having your stuff ruined or the risk of mold.
  6. Prevent Disaster
    Avoid catastrophic water damage from frozen water pipes.
  7. Uncompromised Security
    Long after neighbors’ alarm batteries fail, your family will be safe and secure.

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Santella Electric’s Best Standby Generators in 2021

A standby generator is a critical device that you need to have in your home as we enter 2021. This device is a back-up electrical system that will operate automatically saving you time and money. During a power loss, it will transfer the electricity to the circuits in your commercial or residential property immediately. Choosing a quality generator is very important to help you avoid any problems in the future. You can find a lot of types of standby generators that are available on the market. In this article, we will recommend the top 5 standby generators for your property for the new year. These generators are chosen because they have a lot of features and benefits for the users as well as they can be expertly installed by our team at any time.

Generac 60kW Standby Generator

1. Generac 60kW Standby Generator

Are you looking for a good standby generator for your entire home with a brand name to back it up? Generac standby generators will be a good choice for you. This 60kW model has True Power Technology that will deliver power with less than 5% of the total harmonic distortion. This system will deliver a clean and smooth operation for any sensitive electronic devices.

Its evolution controller will feature a multilingual and also two-line LCD display. You can manage all features from this generator easily. This device can be connected to the existing liquid propane and natural gas fuel line instantly. It will start automatically in a few seconds after the power outage occurs. This standby generator has all-weather aluminum enclosure that can provide corrosion resistance for improving the life of the generator.

Briggs and Stratton 20kW Standby Generator

2. Briggs and Stratton 20kW Standby Generator

This standby generator is suitable for powering up any electrical devices in your home. You can keep your family safe and comfortable when having this generator installed on your property. It has an enhanced Symphony II power management system. It will manage the power distribution for any selected appliances in your home automatically.

Its load management system will ensure that the generator will never overload. Its enclosure is made from corrosion-resistant materials, so you can use this standby generator for a long time. Its gray finish will improve the overall look and design of this standby generator.

Kohler 8kW Standby Generator

3. Kohler 8kW Standby Generator

This is another recommended standby generator that the Santella Electric generator team can install at your home or business. It will deliver up to 8000 watts or backup power. Its automatic transfer switch and the OnCue Plus remote monitoring system can help you monitor the performance of this unit easily. Kohler engine comes an efficient OHV design that can deliver a powerful and reliable air cooled performance.

This Kohler generator has an exclusive Powerboost technology, so you can run central air and any other large appliances at the same time. It will manage the energy distribution based on the load size. Its fast response will restore the power in about 10 seconds without refueling.

Champion Power Equipment 14kW 100294 Standby Generator

4. Champion Power Equipment 14kW 100294 Standby Generator

This generator is one of the most fuel efficient generators on the market today. This generator will only consume about 2.6 gallons per hour on the 100% load. It will work well with both natural gas and liquid propane fuels. This generator has a midsize capacity which is good enough for most small and also medium-sized homes.

This generator also has a smart system that will monitor and control the performance of this unit. it will shutdown the machine when it is close to the overloading situation. This generator has a good weather resistant feature. For the temperature between -22’ to 104’ F, this device will never require a warming kit. This model has gull-wing style enclosure that can offer easy access for all users.

Cummins QuietConnect Standby Generator for Home

5. Cummins QuietConnect Standby Generator for Home

This is another popular generator that you can place in your home. This automatic standby generator will deliver a reliable power instantly without causing a lot of noises in your property. It will run on both natural gas and liquid propane. It can be installed as close as 18 inches from your wall.

This standby generator has remote diagnostics capabilities that can be used to monitor and control the performance of this generator easily, especially when you are either at home or away from your home. Its strong enclosure will withstand winds up to 180 miles per hour. This device also has an intelligent load management, so it will turn on and off the device based on your needs automatically.

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