Commercial Services

In addition to the normal list of services a client would expect from their electrician, Santella Electric also specializes in:

Energy Saving Consultant
Design and Install Emergency Generator Backup Systems
UPS Systems
Surge Protectors
Voice / Data / Cabling Systems
Control Wiring Systems
Electrician wiring
Electrician hands

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Your business not only supports your family, it supports the families of all of your employees and the customers you serve. If you run a business that people need to rely on at all times, having a trusted electrical contractor on your team will save you time, money and stress down the road while you make your business work. We work with all types of businesses of all sizes. Schedule a consultation today!

Below are a few businesses in particular that should consider partnering with a company like ours.


restaurant at night

Restaurants and bars are relied on by the public for a number of reasons. Keep the lights on and your refrigerators cold with a generator installation from Santella Electric. Losing power even for a couple hours could cost a restaurant $1,000’s is lost product. Prepare for disaster today and keep your restaurant running tomorrow.


Medical Facilities


Private practices, pharmacies, and hospitals all need to have a reliable source of power at all times. Call the experts at Santella Electric and set your business up with our Safety Club. Joining this club gives you discounts on future projects, expedites your service, and can save a life.


Data Centers/Businesses with Critical Data

data center

If your business is based heavily around quick access to information that is online, you can’t afford a second of downtime. Protect your client’s info and your business’s reputation when you have Santella Electric install standby generators for your business.


Fire Alarm Installation

fire alarm installation

Our electricians have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the highest quality fire alarm system design and installations. When you come to Santella Electric, you can be confident that you are making the best investment for your business. More importantly, you can rest assured knowing that you took the greatest step toward promoting the safety of every person who will interact with your business.


Controlled Wiring System

wiring systems

In order for your production or manufacturing operation to be efficient, you must have well designed control panels and wiring installed. Automation, monitoring, and quality assurance are a must have. We do everything from machine controls to programmable logic controllers. At Santella Electric our technicians are here to help your business have the best wiring systems available in the market today.