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There are a lot of light bulbs available on the market today built by a lot of different manufacturers. The two most popular bulbs are incandescent light bulbs and LED light bulbs. This blog will help you compare both products before you decide to make a switch. Each lightbulb has its benefits and disadvantages for all users. Therefore, we have done the hard work of comparing both products for you before you decide to buy the best one for your home, office, apartment, or store.

Incandescent Light

Incandescent light bulb on pink background

The incandescent light bulbis the classic light bulb that you imagine when you picture a light bulb. This light bulb produces light by heating the wire filament to a certain temperature, so it can produce visible light generation. The metal wire inside this lighting bulb is surrounded by its translucent glass. This glass is filled with an inert gas to maintain an optimal environment.


a. Affordable

This is the most popular benefit offered by the incandescent light bulbs. These lights very affordable and widely available on the market. If you are looking for affordable light bulbs for your property, you can consider using high-quality incandescent lights. Most incandescent lighting bulbs are very cheap to produce because they have a long history of production and have steady demand.

b. Good color rendering ability

This is another upside of the incandescent lights. Most incandescent lights have a good ability to render color. The average color rendering index (CRI) for most bulbs with color temperature 2700K can reach up to 100 (or a perfect score). When the color temperature rises, the CRI rating will drop off slightly.

c. Commonly used in a small home

Many homeowners are using incandescent light bulbs in their small properties. They usually want to choose incandescent lighting bulbs because they are very easy to use. They have a simple installation procedure, so you don’t need to spend a lot of your time on installing these bulbs in your home.


a. Bad energy efficiency

Although incandescent light bulbs are popular among many people due to their affordable prices, they have bad energy efficiency. Most of these bulbs have an efficiency rating which can reach up to 10 lumens per watt. Most of the energy used in these bulbs is going to be converted into heat.

b. Short lifespan

You cannot use incandescent lighting bulbs for a long time because they have many different ways to break or lose function. Most of them are going to last about 1,000 operating hours. Because of this reason, some people are trying to avoid using these incandescent lighting bulbs because they have a high replacement cost.

LED Lights

LED Light bulb on white background

LED stands for the light-emitting diode. These lights work by flowing electricity between two electrodes (which are called cathode and anode). These diodes are usually made from the best semi-conductive materials, such as selenium and silicon. When electrical currents pass any of these materials, the device will emit visible light. You can find many different types of LED lights that are available on the market today.


a. Extremely efficient in energy

This is the most important benefit offered by LED lights. These lights have high light quality with low energy usage. Most of the energy will be used to convert into the light. Because of this reason, these light bulbs are highly recommended by many experts today. These LED light bulbs are extremely energy efficient compared to the other commercial lights.

b. Low maintenance

If you want to save your energy and money in the long run, you can consider using LED light bulbs on your property. These lights can last for a long time because they are very efficient in all capacities. Most LED light bulbs can last for about 50,000 to 100,000 hours and more.


a. Expensive

LED bulbs are specially made with the best technology. They are composed of high-quality, but expensive materials. Therefore, it will be the main downside of these bulbs. The upfront costs of using LED lighting bulbs can be expensive for some people. However, the price of these LED lighting bulbs has been decreasing over time.

Now you know all pros and cons of both incandescent and LED light bulbs, now you can select the best one for yourself. You are ready to buy the best light bulbs for your needs and call Santella Electric to install your new lighting system! Call or schedule service today.