If you live in Connecticut, you need to understand that the average utility bill in this state that has become the 9th most expensive state to live in in the United States. The utility cost from this state is positioned behind the likes of Hawaii, Oregon, California and New York. Generally speaking, most residents in this state can expect to pay up to $450 per month for their electricity, gas, cable, internet bills, and water every month. This cost depends on the total area that you have in your home, the Internet providers, how much water you use every month, etc.


What is the average income of people in Fairfield County?

The average income from people who live in Fairfield County will be around $65,000 – $80,000 per year. Men have a median income of $52,000 compared to the median income from women (which is around $37,000). Fairfield County has an annual income per capita which is around $38,350. Around 5 – 7% of the population is under the poverty line.

From this income, most families in Fairfield County spend a large part of their income on housing, food, child care, transportations, taxes, and other necessities. Here are some common averages expenses that people usually spend every month living in Fairfield County.

Housing: $1,600 monthly

Food: $900 monthly

Child Care: $1,600 monthly

Transportation: $1,300 monthly

Other necessities: $1,100 monthly

Taxes: $1,600 monthly

They also need to pay for the monthly utility bills. When you want to break down the utilities from most people in the Connecticut area, you can take a look at these details. Here are some regular costs that you are going to spend for the utility.

Electricity: $140 monthly

Natural Gas: $85 monthly

Water: $70 monthly

Internet: $60 monthly

Cable: $85 monthly

When we are talking about the income and expenses of people in Fairfield County, you also need to know about the average home value or home price in this area. The median home value from a single-family home or condo in Fairfield will be around $422,300. The price is predicted to rise for about 2 – 5% every year. The demand for the new home keeps increasing from time to time because many people need to buy a new home for their new families.

Some additional details from specific towns in Fairfield County 

You need to understand that the average number from Fairfield County is supported by some towns with significantly higher income than other Fairfield County towns or cities. In this article, we will discuss some details, such as, income, expenses, and average home prices from 3 popular towns and cities in Fairfield County, which are New Canaan, Norwalk, and Fairfield.

New Canaan

New Canaan has one of the highest per capita income and also median household incomes in the area. Our home city has about $105,000 per capita income and also $175,000 as of its median household income. Housing is the biggest factor that can cause the taxes here to be so high. The median home price in this town is around $1,225,000. This price is more expensive than any other town that is located in Fairfield County.


This is another popular city that is located in Fairfield County. Norwalk has a medium-income and expense compared to the other cities in this county. The annual income per capita of this city is about $43,000, while the median household income for people in this city is around $76,000. The median home price in Norwalk is around $319,000 with the median rent is about $1,900 monthly. When you live in this city, you also need to pay for the energy bill (which is around $187), phone bill (around $200), and gas ($3 per gallon).


If you live in Fairfield, you are expecting to receive about $122,306 as of its median household income in this town. The annual income per capita in this town is about $60,155. The median home price in Fairfield town is about $525,000. The living cost in Fairfield, Connecticut is more expensive than the US average number. For renting a house in this town, you are going to spend about $1,000 – $1,700 depending on the number of bedrooms you have in your home.