Are you looking for a good electrical contractor in Fairfield County? You will be able to find a lot of contractors that are available in this area, some have better reviews than others. You need to compare all available companies before you decide which contractor is the best fit for all of your needs. There are some important general factors that you have to consider, so you can avoid any problems with bad contractors. Here are several things to consider before you hire an electrical contractor for your next job.

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1. History in the area

This is the first thing that you should take into consideration, especially when you want guaranteed quality work. You need to look for a company that have a lot of experience in this industry and in your town. Any business that has been able to keep their doors open for a while will always delivery better quality ad systems.

Experienced companies tend to offer better service for all customers. Our company has more than 55 years of experience in serving Fairfield & Westchester Counties.

You can also check the reputation of all available companies easily with a quick Google search. Don’t forget to visit some social media channels, online forums, search engines, etc, especially when you want to compare all electrical contractors and see what your neighbors are saying.

It is also a good idea for you to ask your families, friends, or relatives about who they use for an electrician. They may give some recommendations of some of their favorite electrical contractors in this area. You can use this referral when you are making your final decision

2. Look at their insurance and permits

All electricians in Connecticut and New York must be properly licensed and insured. These permits and licenses will ensure the capability of these contractors. These permits will offer protection to you, the homeowner. Licensed contractors usually have enough skills and knowledge for solving any of your electrical problems in your home.

When you choose electrical contractors, you also need to expect them to have insurance. You cannot take a risk with any electrical appliances in your home and electricity in general.

Santella Electric also offer a warranty for any of our services. This warranty will ensure that our electrical technicians can complete any of our work without causing any other problems to the electrical system in your home.

3. Available services and fees

Different contractors may have different services that are suitable for their customers. Take a look at our available services on our home page! Our customer representatives will be happy to share our list of services as well if you prefer to call. In some cases, we can also offer customized services for helping you with any of your specific needs in your home.

When comparing all available contractors, you should also check their fees. You need to determine your overall budget for any of your projects and some contractors sneak in fees at the last minute.

Santella Electric is ready to deliver the best electrical services at an affordable price. Contact us today or book an appointment online today.