Are you planning to have beautiful Christmas light decoration on the exterior of your home, office, apartment, or other properties in this holiday season? It is a good idea for you to plan everything now! When you can, get these Christmas lights installed as early as possible, this way you can save your stress for gifts and who sits next to who at the dinner table.

October and November can be the best time to install year-round Christmas lights on your home. The weather is still warm enough for electricians to work efficiently and you will get better pricing than calling someone a week before the holiday. Permanent light installation can be a perfect option for those who want to get the best experience with your Christmas lights with none of the annual labor. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider using permanent Christmas lights.


Why Should You Consider Permanent Light Installation?

1. Save tons of time

This is the first thing that you are going to get, and what most people are concerned about… time. If you have a lot of things to do every year, and who doesn’t, you should consider hiring an electrician for this one time installation. Installing lights on and around the outside of your house can be very time consuming. You will spend hours on a ladder in the cold, yell at the kids a few times, and be overall stressed. You will also have to spend that same time taking them down! Once you have permanently installed holiday lights on your around your home, you don’t have to put any lights up or down every year.

2. Safe for you

A permanent light installation should be done by professionals. Our company, Santella Electric, can always help you install the best permanent smart lights around your home. This procedure should be done by professionals because it requires specific needs, skills, and knowledge. Hiring a professional for installing the permanent Christmas lights can be safer for you because you don’t have to deal with any complicated wires and cables. It can be a safe way for you who want to enjoy the beauty of the Christmas lights without having to risk yourself.

In 2017 over 14,000 people went to the hospital for Christmas decoration related injuries.

3. Improve your home value

This is another benefit that you can get by installing permanent lights on your home. Your home value can be increased significantly when you install permanent lighting on your home. If you are planning to sell your property in the next couple of years, you should consider using this permanent lighting. Most buyers are going to love any properties with permanent lighting because it can be very convenient and safe for them. All they have to do is flip a switch a couple times a year!

4. Create extra security for your home

It is recommended for you to have a well-lit environment or landscape around your home, so you can improve the security of your home. You can reduce any dim areas in your property, so no intruder can find a soft spot in your security. The permanent lighting can prevent any vandalism or trespassing activities from occurring in your home. Your neighbors will have opportunities to spot any suspicious activities in your property, especially after you have permanent lights in your home. The investment of permanent Christmas or holiday lighting can reduce the risk of damage or loss from occurring in your home.

5. Good for creating a fun experience for your kids

If you have kids in your home, turning on the Christmas lights every year or making them change color or design with a smart phone app can be an annual family tradition. There is no limit on how many times they can watch these beautiful lights every day. Many children love watching the beauty of Christmas lights in their homes and carry these memories for life.

Christmas Lights Home

Best Brands for Permanent Christmas Lighting:



Everlights Permanent Lighting

This brand of permanent outdoor holiday lighting lets you control every light individually. This means you are able to use them year-round no matter what holiday season it is. While controlling each individual light, you can also control different patterns of lighting on your home, so each light doesnt have to be the same color. EverLights can also be installed on any home, no matter the size. Additionally, EverLights is completely customizable so you can control the sequences of colors or brightness at all times.

Although the price varies based on home and the type of lights you are looking for, EverLights start at about $2000.



TrimLight Christmas Lighting

This brand of permanent outdoor Christmas lighting lets you control the colors of your lights through their user-friendly app. Like most permanent exterior Christmas lights, they are completely customizable and you can change the colors and patterns to match any season or holiday.

Trimlight starts at around $2000 although can vary depending on installation costs and the size of the home.

JellyFish Lighting:

JellyFish Outdoor Lighting

Similar to other types of exterior permanent lighting, you are able to control these lights from an app on your phone.JellyFish’s lights are RGB and can produce over 16 million different colors to match any holiday or occasion.


JellyFish Lights are priced around $23 per foot and a flat fee of $600 for the controller. Overall pricing will vary based on the length of the house and where you want the lights placed.

When is the Best Time of Year to Install Permanent Holiday Lighting?

The best time of the year to install permanent holiday lighting is anytime! Permanent holiday lighting can be installed any time of the year. If permanent lighting is something you have been considering for quite some time, you may want to think about having it installed in the warmer months. Having your permanent lighting installed from around August to November lets you have your lights ready to go before the holiday season begins. You will be super prepared and can turn them on whenever you want! You may also realize after the holiday season you want to invest in permanent exterior holiday lighting. Taking down lights after the holidays can be both frustrating and dangerous. Typically, the weather is still cold and ice could be a huge risk. You don’t want to put yourself in danger potentially slipping on the ice while on a ladder taking down your lights. If you have had enough with the frustration of taking down holiday lights after every season, permanent exterior holiday lighting may be for you.

The Future of Permanent Home Lighting

Permanent Home Holiday Lighting is becoming the new normal for exterior holiday lighting. Putting up and taking down your Christmas lights every year can be a huge hassle. It is a time-consuming process and usually takes multiple people to do. This could be hard if you and your family are constantly busy, you might not be able to find the time to hang your lights. These lights can also be dangerous to hang up or takedown. As they are usually hung during the holidays in the winter months, ice and snow can create difficulties as well as cause safety concerns. It’s not worth the risk of having your ladder slip on ice while hanging these lights and you hiring yourself for the holidays.

Permanent exterior lighting eliminates all of these problems. They just need to be installed once by professionals and you have holiday lighting year-round. These lights are able to withstand any outside weather conditions they may come in contact with, making them ideal to keep up throughout the year. These lights are also more versatile, as you can change the colors and patterns of the lights to match any holiday or occasion. Overall, permanent exterior holiday lighting is much more convenient, safe, and versatile than traditional Christmas lights that have to be installed and removed every season.

Contact Santella Electric Inc for having a permanent Christmas light installation now

Installing permanent Christmas lights can be an incredible value add to your home while keeping your family safe. The best way to install these lights is to hire our experts from Santella Electric Inc. We have trusted experts who have the experience and expertise necessary to complete your job. Let us know what kind of lights you want and where you want them and we will handle the rest.

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