Electricity is an incredibly important resource in any home, yet it is not something that homeowners often think about particularly if there have been no electrical problems in the past. Leaving electrical problems untouched can not only be hazardous but can also lead to further damage to the electrical system. Fires, damaged appliances, or loss of power can be some results of not maintaining or repairing your homes electrical systems. Below are three signs that your home may need professional electrical repairs:

1. Tripping Breakers

Tripping Breakers

A circuit breaker is a device that works by cutting off the flow of electricity through a circuit whenever it gets too high. Without circuit breakers, fires, shocks, and other accidents would be much more frequent in homes. Common reasons for your circuit breaker tripping are because of either a circuit overload, short circuit or a ground fault. While circuit breakers are designed to trip in the event that a particular circuit gets overloaded, if it begins to happen often there could be a larger problem at hand. Breakers frequently tripping could indicate that there is an issue with your electrical panel or a wiring issue. If you have tried resetting your circuit breaker, but continue to notice your circuit breakers tripping often, it is important to call in an electrician. One common mistake homeowners make is trying to force breaker switches to stay on. This greatly increases your chance of having an electrical fire in your home.

2. Sparking Appliances

Sparking Appliances

Electrical appliances have become a part of everyday life. Everything from your kitchen appliances, to AC systems, to your furnace and water heaters, are dependent on your power supply. With appliances, it is not uncommon to see a small spark when it is plugged into an outlet. These sparks are typically blue or yellow and only occur briefly. While most of these sparks are normal, and indicate that a flow of energy has started, they should not be ignored altogether. In some cases, sparks may just be the initial outward sign of a larger electrical problem that may end up being quite significant in the long run. Additionally, sparks can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to fires and cause a great deal of damage to your appliances. It is a good idea to get any continuous sparking in an appliance examined by a professional. An electrician will be able to inspect electrical outlets and either replace or fix them if needed. Rarely, the problem might lie within the wiring of the house, in which case the electrician may need to replace or fix the wiring of the complete house. Regular electrical maintenance will protect your appliances or outlets from breaking down, keeping your house safe and preventing you from having to buy new appliances.

3. Outlets or Switches That Do Not Work

Outlets or Switches That Do Not Work

One of the most common reason that an outlet or a switch is not working is that the circuit breaker has been tripped. As previously mentioned, this can happen because of either a circuit overload, short circuit or a ground fault. Often times, a breaker can look like it hasn’t been tripped, when it really has. However, as with anything, it is also common for outlets and switches to simply go bad over time due to natural aging. If you think that your switch has gone bad, or you hear buzzing or see smoking coming from either a switch or an outlet, it is important to call an electrician. It is possible that outlets or switches not working are a sign that there is a larger wiring issue that needs to be addressed. Contact an electrician and they will be able to evaluate that for you and fix any potential wiring issues within the house.

Electricians in Connecticut and New York

If you identify one of the electrical problems listed, or notice a different electrical problem that is reoccurring, is important to contact an electrician as soon as possible. Bringing in an electrician early will ensure that any potential damage won’t lead to larger electrical problems in the future. Santella Electric is an electrical service and repair company servicing Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. The Santella Electric team has over 55 years servicing in the area and is owner operated. When Santella Electric performs electrical upgrades or repairs to your home, you want the work to be completed safely & securely. Their electrical technicians are highly skilled and go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of service for every customer.